• Duration: Whole day or twice half day


Reiki II is the next level in the Reiki attunement process, allowing a greater access to Universal energy – through an attunement and teaching by the Reiki Master. During the Reiki II process, the Reiki practitioner (who has completed Reiki I) undergoes a deeper experience as the Reiki Master opens their chakras and energetic systems to allow them to access higher levels of energy. Also one is initiated to & taught space/time distance Reiki.

Reiki II is given to those who have assimilated the energies of Reiki I. Reiki II opens up the practitioner’s aura and energetic system to access Universal gateways of energy, information, love and light. The Reiki II initiation is a magical one for it is here that the student learns and sees for the first time the ancient symbols being used during the initiation process (which until then have been hidden from students due to the power of the symbols).

Ancient Symbols

On learning the ancient symbols, Reiki II practitioners (following their Reiki II initiations) are able to use these symbols for the following purposes:

  • Symbol #1: Focus power healing – allows the practitioner to direct a channel of focused energy, much like a lightning bolt to a specific area or situation.
  • Symbol #2: Emotional healing – allows the practitioner to balance emotional issues and situations.
  • Symbol #3: Distance Healing – allowing the practitioner to heal any individual, animal or being across distance and time

Some students feel the most powerful experiences during their Reiki II initiations as it synchronises them with Universal Source in a way that their energetic systems have never been exposed to before. It is a powerfully peaceful process yet empowering in its own way.
Those who are attuned to Reiki II level may receive official insurance from governing bodies and begin to open their own practice professionally.

Workshop Outline

Certificate in Reiki I required for this attunement – this can be from any Reiki Master in the world. Please contact for further details.

  • Receiving a healing session from your Reiki Master
  • One Reiki attunement during the day by your Reiki Master
  • Learning the three sacred new symbols, the right sequence how to draw them and how to use them
  • Learning about Distant Reiki
  • Practising on your fellow practitioners or your Reiki Master
  • Discussion time about experiences as well as time open to others
  • Learning about the Reiki gateways: Reiki Share & Others


  • Certificate in Reiki II
  • Reiki II Manual – detailing ancient information, hand placements and techniques to bring Reiki into your life
  • Reiki Share and personal Reiki treatment with Reiki Master