Distance REIKI

Distance REIKI

REIKI also works with symbols. Science knows that symbols have no effect until they are filled with content and meanings. The REIKI system provides a symbol that allows space and time to be bridged. This offers a possibility to connect to the energy body of the REIKI receiver without having to be physically present.

What is needed for a long-distance treatment with REIKI? We set ourselves a specific time when you want to send REIKI and you inform me about the location of your stay at this time. A long-distance treatment can be more intense than a direct body application, so a session lasts 20 minutes. To support yourself optimally, it is conducive to creating a comfortable setting for you at this time, a place where you can lie comfortably or sit, maybe you want to put on relaxation music and light an incense stick. I ask you to call me after the treatment to exchange our perceptions.

Duration: 20 – 30 minutes

Is there a limit on Distance Reiki?

There is no limit to distance, time, or other humanly conceived standards. Also, the number of people that can be treated is not limited. Reiki transmissions are unlimited

May I send distance Reiki to someone who knows nothing about it?

Basically, Reiki respects free will in its essence. This must not be violated. So it is important to obtain the consent of each one before long distance treatment. In exceptional cases, however, it may happen that it is not possible to obtain them (eg unconsciousness). So there is the possibility to formulate the following: “I ask you to be the Reiki Channel for XY. Reiki will only flow if accepted by the High Self of XY as well or not. Sometimes Reiki flows, but sometimes it does not.